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Booster's multi-tube system. Stable supply with the right amount of steam at the right time. Significantly
reducing installation space. Saving energy, labor charge, and maintenance cost. Green boilers ideal for
the 21st century.
Large-capacity flue and smoke tube boilers have not only low efficiency rate but also frequent load change
depending on operation time and season to generate low operation efficiency, large energy spending and
life shortening. To solve those problems, the total capacity is divided and installed into several groups
under the minimum load rate and then controlled in inverter way to use the only needed numbers of boilers
fit to the needed capacity. As an ideal energy saving system, this scrum system realizes reducing
installation space, automatic operation, flexible lay-out as well as the best condition for spare tube
installation (area, cost).
Scrum system for tube type boilers give various advantages such as rapid response to any load change
thanks to its short boosting time(about 5 minutes), supplying steam in the maximum load rate, optimized
efficiency, energy saving, environment friendly with low emission gas and wasted water, as well as
lightening the load on staffs with its automatic control system.
  company introductionProductsScrum systemService network