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   More than 91% efficiency and lowered fuel cost is achieved through adapting the water pipes
   developed by Booster's own technology, high-performance burner, unique main body structure and
   air pre-heater.
   Steam is generated in 3 through 5 minutes after igniting the burner because a compact-design pipe
   body structure contains small amount of water. No preheat load or early coming to work is not
   One-touch switch controls from water supply to steam generation automatically as simple and easy
   as the boilers for house use.
   Booster's BSS-series boilers are improved in safety with new safety-first design ensuring reliability
   and simplifying maintenance of various kinds of safety devices and parts.
   No smoke and no soot thanks to improved fuel efficiency. Lowered facility cost because no
   neutralization device is necessary. Environment-friendly products.
   Attached blowers constantly blow before pipe water is concentrated and solid scales are built up to
   maintain the transmission rate of the pipe water in a certain level. Also, apportion load amount
   between pipe body and pre-heater ensures a long life of pipe body.
   For flexible responses to load changes and stable steam supply, several pipes are installed and
   controlled effectively to provide [the right amount of steam to the right place at the right time].
   Maximized efficiency of each device and dramatic cut in fuel cost.
   Booster provides fast and thorough A/S. Our well-trained and experienced engineers are ready
   24 hours to serve any need at any place any time.
  company introductionProductsScrum systemService network