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  Water amount, steam pressure, low/medium/high combustion time, ignition times,
automatic intensive blowers (Regular Type), display of heat efficiency on input and output valves,
emission gas temperature, scale temperature, tube body temperature, water temperature, open air
temperature (Premium Type)
(Oil and water gauge is sold separately when adapting display type of heat efficiency on input and
output valves
  Smoke status, wind shortage, gas leaking, blower's intensity, damper error, water shortage
(Regular Type), Tube body temperature, scale temperature, emission gas temperature, preventing
high temperature rising, warning, open air temperature, fire precaution warning (Premium Type)
  Linked water level control, initial water supply control, multi-damper control, agent injection control,
automatic running control, data saving on latest 10 error cases, fuzzy cancel control (Regular Type)
  Almost unlimited numbers of boilers can be controlled (More than 100 boilers) far from unlimited
distance. No communication card necessary, Simplified control cable (Optional)
  Remote control by computer in the control room (Regular Type)
Multi-tube Control (Premium Type)
Remote control by room controller for non-computer environment is also available.
(Regular-type room controller is sold separately)
  Big screen LCD is a standard feature for all types of boilers easy to check every information on
operation status at a glance in four languages (Korean/English/Chinese/Russian) for users all around
the world. It is designed in cellular phone interface structure for anybody simply to set the best
condition fitted to one's own needs.
  3D composition, heat management report available. graph for steam pressure and temperature change.
  Unlimited control distance(Extending by times with standard 1.2KM/repeater).
Communication card or PC is not necessary (Desktop Controller)
  If some error happens and warning is generated during the operation, the information is sent to field
managers, A/S staffs and the main A/S center in cellular phone message for immediate responses
and resolutions. Also, details of the error and its causes are sent via e-mail to ensure continuous
maintenance(Regular type). Internet also support the remote control system regardless of the limit of
the distance (Internet Interface Module is sold separately)
(Environment Condition: LAN, ADSL)
  3D composition, heat management report available. graph for steam pressure and temperature change.
  company introductionProductsScrum systemService network