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  - Protecting against efficiency decreasing. Energy saving
- Protecting against safety decreasing
- Error prevention
- Life extension thanks to error prevention in pipes(Extending 9 years)
- Reasonable contract cost, perfect management
  - Regular visit and inspection by professional technicians
- Operation train, engineering train and replacing parts for free of charge
- Urgent visit and repair in case of failure occurrence
- Inspection report
- 9-year warranty for pipe body based on the contract renewed every 3 year

Through Booster's network system, our A/S personnel are connected with our main A/S center or nationwide A/S offices anytime anywhere to respond to customer's needs fast and immediately.
1. Notice error occurrence        2.Monitoring movement status        3. Checking running status

24-hour A/S system ensuring fast and immediate response to the needs of customers through connecting our main A/S center or nationwide A/S offices with A/S personnel.
1. Nationwide A/S offices : 29 offices
2. 24-hour monitoring system operated in the headquarter
3. All of A/S staffs are supported with vehicles
4. Operating customer complaint line (032-674-8272) : Urgent handling
5. Representative serve number : 1588-3838
1. "Repair contract system" to carrying out perfect responsibility after sale
2. Individual care system by regions, individuals, companies. Full responsibility system. Systemized perfect
    and high quality service.
1. Excellent A/S staffs : Technology train system to advance the level of technology. Regular train tour to
    local areas(one time per month) and technology train at the headquarter (2 times per year).
2. Advanced facilities : Systemized inspection and repair to prevent possible errors in advance and always-
    ready-to-go system immediate responding to the needs of customers.
3. Highly motivated : Regular train at the headquarter and proposing system to make our staffs get over
    disadvantage of working depart from the headquarter and encourage them to have ownership
  company introductionProductsScrum systemService network